Acai Berry Moisturizer

Acai Berry Moisturizer

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Product Description

Acai shouldn’t just be limited to foods but should be for skincare products as well.  It consists of grapelike-berries, native to South America. Acai pulp is packed full of fiber and antioxidants that defend your skin from free radicals, environmental damage, and age.  Furthermore, this moisturizer will leave you with long-lasting silky, smooth skin. 

Recommended Skin Types

Skin Script Rx Acai Berry Moisturizer is recommended and was formulated for all skin types, conditions, and tones. However, if you are looking for something to help with combination and sensitive skin, this is your product.  

Is Acai Berry Good For Your Skin?

The answer to that is, yes, acai berry is fantastic for the skin. It is extremely safe and will not fail to give you a silky, smooth skin feel. In addition, it will aid in your development of flawless, healthy skin.

Benefits of the Acai Berry Moisturizer

  • The abundance of skin-soothing ingredients and antioxidants protect from environmental damage and irritation and all while illuminating your skin tone
  • Aides in soothing inflammation and irritation in the skin
  • Counteracts harmful bacteria to protect the skin
  • Increases cell activity to intensify the production of elastic fibers and accelerates the restoration of cells that renews the skin to lessen the appearance of wrinkles
  • Advances the organic healing process that aides the renewal of skin
  • Clears irritating skin for long periods of time to reveal fresh, healthy skin
  • Improves surface hydration and develops a bright complexion resistant to breakouts